Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Iets heel anders tussendoor. Een aantal van mijn vrienden spelen jeugdtoneel bij de Goorse Molenwiek (allen doorheen!:)) Om hun toneelstukken te bekostigen gingen ze wafels verkopen. Ze vroegen aan mij om mee te bakken, natuurlijk, zo'n dingen doe ik graag. Dus het beste kookboek ooit erbij genomen "Ons Kookboek", jawel de huisvrouwenbijbel van KVLV oftewel de boerinnenbond. Deze versie is volgens mij van 1984 trouwens.

Omdat er zoveel complimenten kwamen op de wafels heb ik hier het recept ook eens geschreven. Het is lichtjes aangepast vanuit het boek.
- Begin met 350 gram boter zacht te maken, volgens het boek mag je niet smelten maar who cares
- Hier voeg je 5 eieren toe, gewoon breken en erbij en dan roeren
- Vervolgens 2 dl melk en weer roeren
- Dan 500 gram bloem en natuurlijk weer roeren
- Tot slot 450 gram suiker en 5 zakjes vanillesuiker, zo worden de wafels erg zoet, iets waar ik heel erg van hou

Weer roeren natuurlijk! Ik roer altijd met zo'n ouderwetse houten lepel, niet met de mixer. Dan kan je de wafels gewoon bakken, ze zijn wel redelijk breekbaar dus opletten


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Now and way back then

I read this really cool topic on the etsy forum about people showing their crafts how they were back then and right now. Here is mine.

Back then (end of 2005):

And a few weeks ago:

The techniques aren't very complicated but I do feel like I have a feeling for design now which I clearly lacked back then.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shoe story + Etsy favourites

On Saturday I went shopping with a friend. I bought myself some shoes that were originally priced at 60 euros and were now only 30! They are comfy, with a low heel and good to wear everyday. It's a kind of grey leather with design on it. But... of course there's a but it's never that easy. When I came home I noticed both shoes weren't the same size :( But my mom was so nice to go back to the shop today and exchange them for me which wasn't a problem. The shop is called Il Pattino and located at Scherpenheuvel, a small city know for it's euhm well big church, I don't know the English word. Lots of people go there on a pelgrimage, I go shopping :)

But there are also new etsy favourites!

I noticed this shop in the forum and had to write about it.

Out of the Blues

She designs and carves these stamps. They are sooooo adorable. Also check out the rest of the shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6727254

I also love these charms from Nostalgems

They are in my favourites and if they aren't gone I will buy them in a few days.

This mirror from Sybile is another favourite of mine. Oh whoops, I bought it yesterday :)


Friday, April 3, 2009


Easter vacation has arrived! And I'm bored already :)

In an hour or so Nele comes to pick me up to do some shopping. I'm going to look for my webshop software too, hope I can find it and if not.. well it's a nice day to shop.

I don't know what happened to my etsy shop but it exploded. In 3 days I went from 13 sales to 21 sales! And of course I love it :)

Yesterday I also got making faces, a book for make up artists by Kevin Aucin. It is a nice book but I still prefer fashion make-up over normal make-up :)

Well it's a short one today but I'm going to have to find something else to entertain me. Take care!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Send out my orders!

This is sooo exciting (again!!). I send out my first 3 orders for my webshop. I ordered nyx make-up (lots of it, especially lipstick and lip gloss).

There is also lipbalms in following scents:
Pina Colada
Banana rose
I am using them right now and I adoooore these balms, they are so smooth on your lips.

I allso ordered perfume sticks. I've used mine for a week and you can't even see it has been used! I ordered 6 different scents and little sample vials too. The cutest thing is that they all come in a cute organza bag with a lollipop!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Got accepted again!

Taxes accepted the one change I needed to start my shop so yeeeey!!! I can start ordering on April 1.
I got one of the perfume sticks today and they are lovely. You can smell them all day. They are soft and melt on your skin but not in your hand.
The lipbalm is great too!

I made a new email adress for the business: beautybyelke@gmail.com . Now I need to ask my web designer to change my website so that I can host the shop there too.

My nyx order is already very big but I want moooooore :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things I do good

A few days ago I made a list with my beauty sins. Today I had a headache all day long, my class didn't go very well but that can happen. To cheer me up I've made a list with things I do right!

- I use moisturizer twice a day. I'm still in love with Lush' imperialis
- When I rinse my hair properly, I rinse with cold water. My hairs love it, I don't.
- I scrub my body twice a week and it's soooo much softer than it used to be.
- I use foot lotion every evening, it doens't seem to work but hey, it's the thought that counts!
- I also use hand and body lotion every night!
- I adore lipbalm and use it all day long.
- I try to take my make up off at night, I'm getting good at this
- I don't spend a lot of time sunbathing and if I do I use sunblock

Hm that's all I can think about now, headache is too strong.